The Plan

Japan has been good to us (it’s where we met) and Japan has been not so good to us (PAPERWORK!), and the time has come to leave!

So, in August Cory, myself and ‘Buddy’ will be packing our bags and going on an adventure.
The tentative plan is to book tickets to Canada and obtain a car. Visiting family will be our main goal of the trip but travel and adventure are high up the list! And that’s the plan.

Yes, we have a baby. Yes, we know some people think we are crazy and Yes, we know it will be tough. But we are up for the challenge and hope that you will follow our adventure on our new blog!

Over the coming weeks we will be working on setting up this blog as a place not only to document our adventure and share stories of the crazy things we get up to, but also as a way to share advice and tips to other parents who want to live on the edge, and out of a backpack and take their baby on the road.

So, let’s go!


Adventure is out there


One thought on “The Plan

  1. Meirav says:

    I totally missed this post! Well done both of you! If you ever feel a need to add NJ or NYC to the travels you can stay with us.


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