TBT – That time we had a baby in Japan

Throw Back Thursday

That time we had a baby in Japan….

So, as many of you know Buddy was born in Japan, in a town not far outside Tokyo. Having a baby and being pregnant in Japan was a very difference experience to having a baby in Canada or the UK (we imagine, I have never had a baby anywhere else other than Japan so I’m just guessing…).
Here are some of the biggest differences:

  • As soon as you find out you are pregnant you must announce it to 40 strangers in city hall. They will use this opportunity to have you write your name in Japanese 16 times and they will talk to you about the colour of baby poop.
  • You will visit the doctor approximately 483 times during the pregnancy. In the first trimester and second trimester you will go every 4 weeks, and the third trimester every 2 weeks. If you are overdue (thanks Buddy…), the doctor will try to convince you to go everyday, but you can plead ‘foreign’ and make it every 3rd day.
  • You get super cool 4D scans every visit and the doctor will save these onto a USB for you to keep.
  • You will be called fat. Many times. The doctor will tell you weird things like, “Don’t eat too much fruit,” then will call you fat. You are obliged to go to McDonalds and Baskin Robbins on the way home from these appointments.
  • The doctor will try to convince you that your baby is a giant. They will say “big baby” to you multiple times every visit until you become convinced you are carrying Hagrid’s baby.
  • Postpartum care includes luxury meals and ‘celebratory sushi’. Honestly, the best sushi I ever ate was given to me the day after I gave birth. I was almost tempted to get pregnant again then and there….almost.
  • Newborn babies are dressed in teeny tiny baby kimono’s and it really is too cute to deal with.
  • At some point a nurse will come into your room excitedly saying your name and hand you a tissue. On opening the tissue you will discover YOUR BABIES UMBILICAL CORD!!! The nurse will smile at you and leave the room while you try to figure out what the heck to do with an umbilical cord.
  • If your baby has no hair a nurse will sympathetically move the box reserved for ‘baby’s first curl’.
  • If your partner happens to be a man, and decides to stay at the clinic, change diapers and not leave the babies side in a proud new daddy haze, he will be the talk of the nurses station and everyone will gossip about why the heck he is with the new Mama & baby and why is he not at work…
  • If you are aforementioned male partner and you stay with the baby while they take him/her for their newborn check you may or may not see another woman and her baby crowning….

One thought on “TBT – That time we had a baby in Japan

  1. Meirav says:

    Wow that brings back memories!!! They also told us Noga was huge, I kept saying we’re not Japanese but Dr, Shoji wasn’t convinced. Then I get to Israel and all the doctors were talking about how small she was ..


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