Our first airbnb adventure


The view from our airbnb

Hotels and transportation, the bane of any travellers life.
They cost money and take a little too much organisation. When I backpacked around South East Asia and South America I was happy to rock up to a bus station, see where the next bus leaving went, haggle the bus driver for a discount if I sat on a plastic stall taped to the floor of the bus instead of a seat, and then sleep on the beach when I got there….However, as a responsible adult with a baby in tow it is imperative that we are organised. So, transportation and accommodation booked in advance it is!

However, you don’t have to stay at the hilton or a holiday inn all of the time, you can still have a bit of adventure and we found that adventure through airbnb.
Airbnb basically means paying to stay in someones spare room, or empty house. In expensive cities like Vancouver this is especially useful for both guest and hosts as other accommodation is not cheap.

We took our chances and booked an airbnb in New Westminster. Well it turns out we hit the jackpot! Linda, our host, was lovely, the bedroom was big and airy with a comfy bed and there was a cat, squeaky who Buddy attempted to befriend but, alas, Squeaky was not interested in him at all.

Now, I know there are horror stories about airbnb’s and perhaps we were just lucky, but, I would definitely book through them again and fingers crossed get another fantastic host.
Watch this space as I am sure, knowing us, that there will be some airbnb stories to tell in the future.



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