TBT – That time we saw a really big Buddha

Throw Back Thursday-

That time we saw a really big Buddha

This particular huge Buddha has a special place in our hearts as it is where we had our first (non alcohol fuelled, karaoke driven) date. So, we often visit the Ushiku Daibutsu, or Buddha, to reminisce about when we were young and care free. So, we decided to take Buddy to the place where his parents fell in love…

The best thing about this particular Buddha is it is fricking huge, like really really tall. In fact it is the tallest Buddha in the world at 120m tall.
It is so tall that you take an elevator ride up to Buddhas shoulders and from inside you get a view of the surrounding area. Apparently on a clear day you can see Tokyo Sky Tree and Mt. Fuji. I personally think this is not totally true.

After riding the elevator and admiring the view, you are faced with the smallest, busiest gift shop with Japan’s most aggressive sales women. They will try to convince you to buy your 6month old decorative chopsticks, magnets and incredibly fragile ornaments. They will not take no for an answer and you will have to run for the elevator when it arrives to escape them.

The gardens surrounding the Ushiku Daibutsu are also a treat filled with beautiful seasonal flowers and a pond teaming with koi carp who may or may not try to pull you into the murky depth of the pond if you do not feed them enough.

But, the best kept secret hidden behind the Buddha is the secret RABBIT and CHIPMUNK garden! Yes, you read that right CHIPMUNK GARDEN. In the Chipmunk garden you can wear an oven mitt and feed sunflower seeds to them. They climb your legs, rest of your shoulders and generally terrorise you. We highly recommend stopping here for as long as possible.

After finishing the chipmunk experience Ami outlet mall is just a 5 minute drive away for all your fashion needs. However this time we were surprised to meet up with a real life Newfoundland Dog. Cory, being from Newfoundland himself was extremely excited and on talking with the dogs owners they were even more excited. I was just please that Buddy didn’t get eaten…


Buddy, at 2 weeks, slept through it….


At 6months Buddy managed to stay awake and enjoy the sites! 


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