TBT – That time we climbed a mountain with a baby

Throw Back Thursday –

That time we climbed a mountain with a baby

We were lucky enough to live in a town with a mountain, Mt. Tsukuba, which is fairly accessible and an easy little hike. However, with a 2 week old and a mama recovering from birthing aforementioned baby, we decided to take the cable car and head to the top. The British Grandparents were visiting at the time so between the four adults we had a successful first mountain trip for Buddy.

The drive up to the cable car is pretty enough and Buddy coped well with the twists and turns of the mountain road. British Grandma however did not cope as well and needed time to recover before heading to the top of the mountain. We found the restaurant/gift store and were incredibly lucky to catch the beginning of a magician show so sat down to watch it.

It turned out to be the worst magician in the world. So bad that it was fantastic and we throughly enjoyed every second of it. Especially the part where the children watching revealed all of the magicians secrets and the part where the magician forgot how to do a trick mid way through so just pretended it was over….

While watching the show, the oldest lady on the entire mountain came to offer us ‘かき’ or persimmon. She delighted in the fact she had offered the foreign family persimmon and spent a long time telling us how to eat it. FYI: bite, chew, swallow……We made small talk and I told her it was my parents second trip to Japan, I had lived there 8 years, Cory 4, and Buddy was actually born in Japan. She then proceeded to welcome us to Japan for 5 minutes. Um, thanks?

The trip on the cable car was uneventful apart from the judgemental stares of people wondering if a baby so young should be on a mountain. To be honest, a 2 week old has no idea if they are on a mountain, in an aquarium, or in the middle of a mall. As long as they have 24/7 access to boobs they really don’t care.

The top of the mountain was surprisingly uneventful and we were blessed with a beautiful view of Tsukuba and the surrounding mountains but unfortunately the alleged view of Mt.Fuji was not to be seen. I am starting to be suspicious of promised views of Mt. Fuji.


One thought on “TBT – That time we climbed a mountain with a baby

  1. J says:

    Eating a persimmon is not for the faint of heart. Mt. Fuji is best seen from its sister mountain in winter and spring, especially near dawn and dusk.


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