A change of plan & How to Fly with a Baby



Once we left Vancouver our plans had changed slightly (I am starting to think this might be a common theme of this trip) and we flew to Deer Lake, Newfoundland via Halifax, Nova Scotia. Yes, yet another flight with a baby.

Side note – Halifax Airport, sort your baby nursing room out. I do not want to feed my baby opposite a toilet and underneath a hazardous waste box.


The ‘luxury’ feeding room in Halifax airport

Unfotuntaley Cory & I are pretty strict with car seats (yes, I know taxi’s are exempt from using them but babies are not exempt from dying should they crash…) and not a single taxi firm in Vancouver supplies infant car seats (PLEASE let me know if I am incorrect and you know of a taxi firm which does indeed have infant car seats available. Or, any aspiring entroupeners, this could be an idea for a nice little business). So, anyway, Buddy and I went to the airport via train and Cory and our luggage went via Taxi. The WestJet check in staff were brilliant and helped us shuffle our luggage/life about and waved us in even though we were a ‘little’ overweight.

The flight was uneventful and Buddy did his usual flight routine.

1. Wave to everyone as he boards the plane.

2.  Choose one person and wave to them constantly.

3. Announce to everyone on the plane that he is there. He will do this through more waving, shouting, screaming and singing.

– At this point the people around him will start sigh, hang their heads and ask the air stewards if they can sit somewhere else. But, fear not…

4. During take off Buddy breastfeeds.

5. Buddy sleeps for the ENTIRE FLIGHT, EVERY FLIGHT.

I kid you not, Buddy is 10 months and has been on 10 flights, the majority being long international flights and he has slept through them all. Sure, he wakes up and has a snack occasionally but then generally he falls straight back to sleep.

I am afraid we cannot advise on how to make this happen, but, he sleeps!




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