Chatuchak Weekend Market

We’re lucky enough to live a few stations down from the biggest weekend market in Thailand…in the world?! You can literally buy anything you want there, from postcards, t-shirts & earrings to personalized leather wallets, toys & pets!

If you’re in Bangkok over a weekend it’s a must see even if you only go for the atmosphere & don’t actually buy anything.

We were a little disappointed by one incident though. We were in a toy stall trying to haggle for a toy tuk tuk which Buddy had spotted. The price was outrageous so we left. However Buddy had been playing with some sample tuk tuks and had apparently broken one. Now, he may have done, I don’t know but. For once, he was playing with it gently (not throwing it like he does with his toys at home) and played with it for barely a couple of minutes. I’m guessing it had been a sample for a while & the front wheel had worked itself loose over time & Dax was the unlucky kid it (apparently) fell off on. Happens.

What I was pissed about, super pissed about was the stall owners reaction to it.

She chased us down & started demanding 100baht. I politely refused. She asked again, I again politely refused & we began to walk off.

At this point she grabs Buddy’s arm…. bad move lady. I mean who grabs a toddlers arm?!?!

At this point I shouted at her not to touch Buddy (who a friend was holding) & I think she must have instantly realized she’d gone too far as she backed off & left.

But it did kind of ruin the day for me.

I’ve never had anything but kindness from strangers when out & about with Buddy especially in Asia & even more so in Thailand so to see someone get that angry over a 100baht toy, so angry they would grab a toddlers arm was more than a little disconcerting!

The rest of the morning went back to being lovely with Buddy making friends everywhere he went & loving being the centre of attention.

I already have a shopping list for when I go back after pay day!

Waiting got ice lollies!

Delicious paella for lunch!


A temporary home!

I wasn’t going to blog about our temporary apartment but loads of people have been asking me about it!

Plus, we have found a place to live so are moving out this week.

We’ve been staying in a weekly rental apartment opposite Cory’s new school. It’s small, sweet & does the job….except for the fact it’s in the fourth floor with no lift…not enjoying that at all!

Apartment hunting hasn’t been that difficult! It’s very different to what we’re used to in Japan, we’ve literally been walking into apartment blocks we like & asking to see rooms. It worked a few times & we fell in love with the first apartment we saw but it was at the top end of our budget so reluctantly left.

Cory managed to see some apartments with some other new teachers after school without much joy & I met him once Buddy had woken up from his nap to see a final one…our new apartment!

I will save the details for a future post but we are very excited!

But, until Friday we are still in our little ‘studio apartment’ which I tidied especially for you guys 😬

The outside of our little apartment block

The birds in the aviary outside.

It is imperative that we say hello to them when we go out & goodbye when we come home…

Little living/dining/kitchen area.

Mini kitchen

Bedroom with HUGE bed, plenty big enough for the 3 of us.

‘Cupboard wall’ dividing the room. Plus toddler escaping onto the balcony….

Gorgeous view from the balcony

This little guy lives on our air con unit. I’m assuming to scare off rats, mice, lizards, other snakes?!

So that’s been our little home while we apartment searched & we really can’t complain!

Although I am looking forward to our new place complete with elevator and pool!!

Rain, Taxi’s & Karma

It’s rainy season here which means a huge thunderstorm most evenings for a few hours. It breaks the heat & refreshes everyone so is actually really appreciated.

Anyway, yesterday I was walking with Buddy on my back and it began to rain slightly. Not a big deal and I didn’t have far to go.

Many taxis and tuk tuk’s stopped to see if I was looking for one but I shook my head and off they went. Except for one.

He leaned out of his window and said “miss, miss, do you need a taxi? It’s raining too much for the baby”

I politely said “it’s ok, I can see the place I’m going from here I’ll be be there in a moment”

The taxi driver seemed distressed “miss, miss, the baby, the rain, no payment, it’s free, no scam. Just help keep baby dry”.

I was flabbergasted! The rain had begun & he was pretty much guaranteed a fare if he drove to the Main Street but instead, he would rather drive me & Buddy for free to keep a baby dry. I was so touched by his generosity!

I did however decline as by now I was pretty much turning into my destination! But, I can really see it’s true already that Thai people really love children! I have a feeling Buddy will be very happy here!

By the way, we live in Bangkok now…

I won’t go into details about how it all happened except it took a LOT of hard work on Cory’s part, but I’ll give you a brief overview of the last year..

Last August we left Japan 😢

August – January involved buying an old man car, driving it through 5 Canadian provinces, 8 American states (including driving through the middle of Manhattan & getting lost in the Bronx…).

We then left Canada for the UK and set up camp there for a while visiting London, Manchester, Devon, Bath & lots of other truest ‘British’ places.

We then decided we missed Asia too much so popped to China for a mini adventure.

Where we definitely fell in love with China. The food, the people, the lifestyle. China we miss you!

Then, back to the UK just in time for ice-cream season.

Then….cory was offered a job in Bangkok….

How could we say no?!

We’ve been here almost a week now & are loving it, mostly.

I’m definitely homesick for Japan, it feels very weird being in Asia but not being ‘home’.

The thing most people have been asking us is “is it hot?” And yes, it’s quite hot but not unbearable! We’re in rainy season right now so actually having epic thunderstorms most days to break the heat.

And the second questions we’ve been asked is “what’s your apartment like?”.

Well, we don’t have one yet. We’re apartment hunting at the moment so

currently staying in a weekly rental.

I’ll take some pictures later and pop that in another blog.