By the way, we live in Bangkok now…

I won’t go into details about how it all happened except it took a LOT of hard work on Cory’s part, but I’ll give you a brief overview of the last year..

Last August we left Japan 😢

August – January involved buying an old man car, driving it through 5 Canadian provinces, 8 American states (including driving through the middle of Manhattan & getting lost in the Bronx…).

We then left Canada for the UK and set up camp there for a while visiting London, Manchester, Devon, Bath & lots of other truest ‘British’ places.

We then decided we missed Asia too much so popped to China for a mini adventure.

Where we definitely fell in love with China. The food, the people, the lifestyle. China we miss you!

Then, back to the UK just in time for ice-cream season.

Then….cory was offered a job in Bangkok….

How could we say no?!

We’ve been here almost a week now & are loving it, mostly.

I’m definitely homesick for Japan, it feels very weird being in Asia but not being ‘home’.

The thing most people have been asking us is “is it hot?” And yes, it’s quite hot but not unbearable! We’re in rainy season right now so actually having epic thunderstorms most days to break the heat.

And the second questions we’ve been asked is “what’s your apartment like?”.

Well, we don’t have one yet. We’re apartment hunting at the moment so

currently staying in a weekly rental.

I’ll take some pictures later and pop that in another blog.


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