Rain, Taxi’s & Karma

It’s rainy season here which means a huge thunderstorm most evenings for a few hours. It breaks the heat & refreshes everyone so is actually really appreciated.

Anyway, yesterday I was walking with Buddy on my back and it began to rain slightly. Not a big deal and I didn’t have far to go.

Many taxis and tuk tuk’s stopped to see if I was looking for one but I shook my head and off they went. Except for one.

He leaned out of his window and said “miss, miss, do you need a taxi? It’s raining too much for the baby”

I politely said “it’s ok, I can see the place I’m going from here I’ll be be there in a moment”

The taxi driver seemed distressed “miss, miss, the baby, the rain, no payment, it’s free, no scam. Just help keep baby dry”.

I was flabbergasted! The rain had begun & he was pretty much guaranteed a fare if he drove to the Main Street but instead, he would rather drive me & Buddy for free to keep a baby dry. I was so touched by his generosity!

I did however decline as by now I was pretty much turning into my destination! But, I can really see it’s true already that Thai people really love children! I have a feeling Buddy will be very happy here!


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