A temporary home!

I wasn’t going to blog about our temporary apartment but loads of people have been asking me about it!

Plus, we have found a place to live so are moving out this week.

We’ve been staying in a weekly rental apartment opposite Cory’s new school. It’s small, sweet & does the job….except for the fact it’s in the fourth floor with no lift…not enjoying that at all!

Apartment hunting hasn’t been that difficult! It’s very different to what we’re used to in Japan, we’ve literally been walking into apartment blocks we like & asking to see rooms. It worked a few times & we fell in love with the first apartment we saw but it was at the top end of our budget so reluctantly left.

Cory managed to see some apartments with some other new teachers after school without much joy & I met him once Buddy had woken up from his nap to see a final one…our new apartment!

I will save the details for a future post but we are very excited!

But, until Friday we are still in our little ‘studio apartment’ which I tidied especially for you guys 😬

The outside of our little apartment block

The birds in the aviary outside.

It is imperative that we say hello to them when we go out & goodbye when we come home…

Little living/dining/kitchen area.

Mini kitchen

Bedroom with HUGE bed, plenty big enough for the 3 of us.

‘Cupboard wall’ dividing the room. Plus toddler escaping onto the balcony….

Gorgeous view from the balcony

This little guy lives on our air con unit. I’m assuming to scare off rats, mice, lizards, other snakes?!

So that’s been our little home while we apartment searched & we really can’t complain!

Although I am looking forward to our new place complete with elevator and pool!!


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