Paperwork is my Full-Time job…

The thing about being an expat is you spend more money & time on paperwork than anything else. You spend more time in offices & embassies than anywhere else.

And you buy bits of paper with stamps on it for things which non-expats take for granted.

Yes, it took trips to 2 different embassies in different areas of Tokyo (with a 7 day old) & literally 100’s of hours in the local city hall to even get Cory on Buddy’s birth certificate.

And yes, Buddy has 3 birth certificates, notarized by 2 different embassies & it cost us over £300.

Yes, we’ve spent upwards of £1000 on visas and paperwork since he was born…

Yes, I’m writing this from an embassy office where I’ve been waiting for an hour & my feet are freezing from the air con they have blasting & I’m paying £110 for the experience.

And yes, we have at least 3 more trips to immigration ahead of us & potentially a trip to Malaysia before we get our visas.

So, when you say things like:

“It must be nice to live in (insert exotic location)”

“Wow you live in (insert location), you must be rich”

Or you complain that we’ve spent another weekend on a beach, remember that we’ve also spent 40 hours & £400 for the privilege.

Buddy & Mummy’s day at the Embassy in pictures

Coffee… it always starts with coffee.

Double & triple checking we have all the documents ready

Seriously….what would we do without google maps?? We made it though!

As is Bangkok, we had to fight our way through crowded markets to get there.

Step one completed: now to the translators.

Success!! And Buddy was a champ!

The poor thing was lugged around Bangkok most of the day so definitely deserved a seal donut!

And finally. Relaxing with Moana (Mummy’s choice).


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