The Paparazzi

So it’s not as bad as when we were in China, but I am so over Buddy being the star attraction everywhere we go.
You know when you’re having a busy day, and you just want to quickly get where you’re going and do what you gotta do? Or when you have a cranky 2 year old who you desperately need to get home quickly… 
Try doing that with a curly haired toddler in Asia….


Yes I am hiding Buddy from you…

I don’t mind when people come up and ask how old he is and what’s his name. I mean, it gets boring when you’re telling the 8th person that morning 
”He’s 2″ 
”Oh, almost 3?”
”Uh, no. He literally turned 2 last week…”.

But what is annoying are the not-so-descrete-selfies which I KNOW YOU’RE TAKING….
If you do that I will put my umbrella in front of my kid. I will turn in circles while you do the same and you make yourself look crazy and yes, Korean dude on the train, I will move at the last second and make it look like you were taking pictures of my boobs to a train full of people. Actually, that was quite fun…
I have wanted to ask several people “Why do you need a selfie with my kid? What are you going to do with it?” But I am sure I would be met with blank faces and “why not?” answers.
But you know what reallllllly bugs me. People who DO ask “May I take a picture of your baby”. And then get pissed off when I say no, and do it anyway. 
The shock on the faces of every single person who has asked permission to take a picture when I say no is ridiculous. 
You asked a question to a stranger outside of a hotel. A question which has a yes or no answer. So don’t look pissed off at me and ignore me by putting your smartphone in my kids face as he tries to hid behind my legs when I pick the answer you didn’t want. 
Yes, I will yell at you to leave him alone and no, I will not feel bad about standing up for my kid.
Yes there are exceptions. 
Every time Buddy plays with a kid in our local playground Mum/Grandma/the Nanny will take a picture, and that is fine. Because their kid is in it too. They are remembering the time their kid learned the English for digger from a foreign kid in the playground. NOT taking a picture of a kid who once looked in their direction on the train…

Rant over.


The coast is clear Mum, let’s go!


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