How (not) to road trip with a baby


What you can’t see in this picture is that Buddy is actually sobbing into Cory’s shoulder…


We have just got back from a lovely trip to Price Edward Island (PEI) just a ‘short’ 2 1/2 hour ride away from where we are staying in Nova Scotia.
We will share some of trip with you in a future blog but, for now, we would like to guide you through how (not) to road trip with a baby.

  1. Do NOT go to the beach the day before.
    You WILL be exhausted when you get home and you will not pack your bags as planned.
  2. Do NOT plan to leave the house ‘around 9am’.
    Baby will choose the morning of your road trip to wake up at 5:15am and blow raspberries for 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute impromptu dance party at the foot of your bed. Just as baby is falling asleep, he will kick sand in your eye as you were too tired to bathe him the night before, and there is still a sahara desert worth of sand in-between his toes.
  3. Do NOT forget to set an alarm.
    The baby who generally wakes you up around 7 most mornings will have exhausted you from aforementioned dance party and you will wake up around 9:30am.
  4. Do NOT give baby porridge for breakfast.
    Just, don’t. OK?
  5. Do NOT pack whilst baby is eating their breakfast.
    You will understand why when on your road trip all of your clothes have a slightly sticky feeling…
  6. Do NOT run out of disposable diapers that morning.
    A trip to Walmart is not at the top of anyones list of things to do after a 5:15am dance party.
  7. Do NOT plan on stopping for coffee on the way.
    Actually, yes, do plan this but plan for coffee at 3-5 various stopping points.
  8. Do NOT arrange to meet an old friend for dinner the night you arrive.
    Baby will be exhausted, scream until he is given food, throw food on the floor and refuse to eat it. Baby will then be starving and reach for Daddy’s food and spill an entire pint of water over Daddy. Daddy will spend the evening looking like he had an accident.
  9. Do NOT forget to pack a few beers for the evening.

Blow Me Down


Taking Canadian Grandad’s truck for a spin

Canadian Grandpa drove down to meet us in Corner Brook. Like a true Canadian he thought nothing of driving from Alberta to Newfoundland (NFLD) for this. This is a FOUR DAY drive (or a 5 day drive if you are not rushing to meet your Grandson for the first time).

Cory and I have had this conversation many times. For a Canadian like him a 8 hour drive to another city for a concert is normal. For a Brit like myself I can’t help but think that I could fly to Turkey from England for the same amount of time…

Corner Brook is just a short (even for me) drive from Gross Morne National Park. Truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I’ll throw some wikipedia links in here for anyone who wants the historical breakdown of the area but I can tell you it has some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen. Driving through the area you flit between vast lakes, endless rolling hills of evergreen trees, tiny port villages with little more than a village store and a bar, landscape which would not look out of place on Mars and white sand beaches nestled in-between.
I could quite happily explore the area for the entire summer and not tire of it.

Our first dip into Gross Morne was just a drive through and our first proper adventure in NFLD was to a provincial park with an epic name ‘Blow Me Down’, yes, really.
We drove through ‘Blow Me Down’ and headed to Lark Harbor to skim some rocks and for Buddy to put his feet in some real Canadian salt water.

Once Buddy had finished playing on the beach and had succeeded in drenching Canadian Grandpa in seawater we began the hike up to the top of a cliff for the view. We were supposed to count the steps for blog purposes but Cory and I forgot and Buddy cannot count yet, plus he fell asleep half way up the cliff.

We were rewarded for our climb by some stunning panoramic views of the area and some tiny port towns in the distance. Buddy, slept through it all (I am starting to sense a theme already with Buddy sleeping through epic views).

We have recently been asked about Buddy’s traveling arrangements as many people have noticed that Buddy rarely travels via strollerベビーカー/pushchair/pram or whatever you want to call it. Cory & I are proud ‘baby wearers’ we have a selection of slings and carriers which I will (at your request) write about and review in the coming weeks.

The New Newfie in Newfoundland

After sleeping off our jet lag we flew across the country and ended up in Newfoundland Cory’s home province to meet Canadian Grandma for the first time!

After an obligatory turkey dinner we took our first outing in Corner Brook to Cooks point. We go there every time we are in Newfoundland for the spectacular views of the bay.
This time was the first time for us to go with a baby and this is how it went…

  • We got the bags ready to leave to house, remembered to pack diapers, snacks, drinks, spare clothes, toys, baby sunscreen, baby hat and baby hoodie (just in case).
  • We changed Buddy’s diaper.
  • A family member arrived at the house to meet Dax so we have a cup of tea and socialised for an house.
  • We put the diaper bag in the car and got ready to leave.
  • Buddy started crying and asking for milk.
  • I fed Buddy.
  • Buddy fell asleep.
  • We waited for 45minutes whilst Buddy slept.
  • Buddy woke up.
  • We changed his diaper.
  • We made it to the car and strapped Buddy into the car seat.
  • Buddy started crying so we gave in and let him watch ‘In the Night Garden’ on Cory’s phone.
  • Buddy stopped crying.
  • We arrived at Cooks point and enjoyed some spectacular views and Buddy spent 10 minutes waving at a statue….
  • Buddy started crying and asking for milk.
  • I fed Buddy.
  • Buddy fell asleep.
  • We sat at the top of Cooks point for 45 minutes whilst he slept.
  • He woke up and we could finally go home.

Needless to say it was a pretty successful trip and we shall probably go again before we leave Corner Brook.