The Plan

As we are responsible parents, we decided that the best way to cope with a newborn is to take our little Buddy backpacking. Thats what most parents do, right?

After living in Japan for a combined total of 12 years (!?!) we spent the first half of 2016 looking after a newborn and selling all of our possessions.

In August 2016 we left Japan for good.

The Plan

August 2016 –

  • Vancouver, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia

September 2016

  • Travel within Canada

October 2016

  • Celebrate Buddy’s first birthday (somewhere!)
  • Potential trip down South (watch this space)

November 2016

  • Slowly make our way back to Newfoundland

December 2016

  • Celebrate Christmas (somewhere!)

January 2017

  • England???

And beyond…..who knows?!