Who Are We?


Laura, Cory & Baby Buddy

Laura –
Pushing 30 and a lover of adventure. I left my home in England in 2008 and spent the last 8 years living in Japan and exploring South East Asia. Prior to that I have had mini adventures in South America and Europe.

Cory –
Pushed past 30 a while ago….Cory, originally from Canada, moved to warmer climates in Southern Japan in 2012 and ended up in Tokyo a year later. Cory’s hometown in Newfoundland is the starting place of the adventure.

Buddy –
Born in Tokyo in 2015 and a proud holder of 2 passports, Buddy aims to visit as many countries before his 10th birthday as he can.
He currently has 10 flights under his belt at 10 months. He is aiming on 12 by 12.